The medical  program "Healthy back” (from 3 days) per 1 person

The medical program "Healthy back” (from 3 days) per 1 person

2 n.
173.00 €
per person

During the program, medical health care  procedures are performed that reduce back pain, strengthen the spine and facilitate movement.

The duration of the program – no less than 3 days, during which You will stay at hotel "Atostogu parkas" with full Board catering, will be applied at least 19 wellness treatments, and given an  opportunity to try the exclusive procedure "Sea of minerals" in Lithuania’s only pool with mineral geothermal water. This procedure has a positive effect on human health and beauty due to a large number of minerals and salts in the water. Between treatments, you will also have the opportunity to pamper yourself in the pools and saunas area, where you will not only have fun in the pools, Jacuzzi but also be able to take part in unique sauna programs, which are held hourly.


The program includes:

• at least 2 nights at the hotel;

* Full Board;

* at least 19 wellness treatments:

• 1 doctor's consultation;

• 4 blood tests;

• 2 BMI tests  and wellness specialist consultation;

• 3 vertical baths;

* 3 procedures "Sea of minerals" with curative mineral geothermal water;

• 2 spinal stretches on the inverse table;

• 2 medical back massages;

• 2 electrical stimulation " TENS“;


* The program is for adults only.
* In the room you will find a towel and a Bathrobe for adults.
*To complete all the treatments, you must comply with the specified schedule of the program.
* * Extra beds for children from 4 to 12 years – EUR 16, from 13 years — EUR 22.
Advanced registration is required+370 60785888 or [email protected]
All treatments  provided in the program is subject to exchange for an additional cost.

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